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    Stephen Ralph is the product manager at Zarion Software. Responsible for driving the strategy, roadmap and growth for all their product offerings in the enterprise software space. Specialises in wrangling complex problems and solving with simple solutions by understanding customer needs and requirements.

    Presentation title: Leveraging AI and Intelligent Work Management for Financial Services

    I will explore the challenges of the digital workplace and competitive advantages of leveraging an intelligent work management system in financial services.
    The Financial Services market is very conservative by nature. Where they were once innovators, they now play catch up with Fintech start-ups who are disrupting the market with internet based, mobile enabled consumer services.
    There is a shift in the market happening – moving from cost reduction and consolidation to survive in a turbulent landscape, to one where they are recovering and competing more aggressively for market share by investing in new systems, processes and people. This is fuelled by the realisation that what financial services  have in place is not fit to compete.
    These investments need to enable digital transformation not only for customer interactions, but also to support a new workflow and workplace that comes along with the digital age. Agile teams, a blended workforce of people and robots, remoting working and a gig economy are just some of the challenges. Core to solving these is a move to a new intelligent work management platform to drive better faster decisions and work in a more agile collaborative workplace.


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