Sergey Sobolev – Change agent, Mind Digger Ltd, Ireland.

    • Sergey Sobolev – Change agent, Mind Digger Ltd, Ireland.'s presentations

    Drawing from his 15 years of experience in various IT and management roles, Sergey aims to bring change to small and medium businesses and help them with the transition to more productive and adaptive ways of working. With access to Russian and Western management perspectives, he strives to use simplest, most practical approaches from both worlds to achieve significant results.

    Presentation Title: Costs of Agile

    This talk covers main challenges faced by organisation and management during the implementation of Agile. Successful change to Agile way of working requires a number of significant changes in the whole organisation which are often not being clearly understood by the management. Faced with unexpected problems, management might take a decision to either roll back the change or implement a version of Agile which does not allow to achieve desired benefits. I hope that my talk would help to prevent or alleviate this problem.



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