Samantha Magee – Director of Data Acquisition and Research at Rhetorik

    • Samantha Magee – Director of Data Acquisition and Research at Rhetorik's presentations

    Samantha Magee is Director of Data Acquisition and Research at Rhetorik. Originally from Milan, Samantha has 20 years’ experience in research, collating and disseminating B2B Marketing Tech Data. In that time working and implementing a range of Data Protection practices and regimes. She has managed research teams across Europe and internationally and completed research programs including the creation of proprietary EMEA, Russian, MENA and Eastern European technology databases.

    Presentation Title: Who’s afraid of GDRP: 20 years worth of complying with European data laws.

    B2B Tech Data Research Director and DPO will highlight key steps, considerations and processes which Rhetorik has completed to successfully evolve policies in view of GDPR coming into effect. Data Privacy and Processing of Personal Data is core to the Direct Marketing Industry in B2B and the core principles of proportionality and consent set by GDPR are not new: those have been first introduced in EU Directive 1995. Specifically, the Seminar will how well-executed Legitimate Interest Assessment and policy will remain key to successful and compliant Campaigns.

    4 Takeaway Bullet Points

    1. New Rules still enable successful B2B Direct Marketing.
    2. Legitimate Interest as key criteria
    3. Tips for B2B compliance from a DPO perspective
    4. What Personal Data should we keep for B2B Marketing


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