Miriam Dowling-Founder-Mentality Ireland

  • Miriam Dowling, is the founder of Mentality, a business consultancy practice focused solely on the area of mental health in the workplace. Miriam previously ran an awareness project called Don’t Mind the Gap, highlighting the challenges those dealing with mental ill health have in the workplace.

    Miriam has recently completed an MBA (HRM) researching the area of disclosure of mental illness during the recruitment process.

    As a See Change Ambassador, Miriam has spoken publicly about her experience of mental illness to businesses.  Miriam was honoured to speak at the inaugural launch of the Irish Human Rights and Equality Commission Strategy Statement in City Hall last year. Miriam has written for The Journal and the IHREC and sits on the Board of the Irish Advocacy Network.

    Presentation Title:

    ‘Why Good Mental Health is Good for Business’


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