Maciej Dabrowski, Chief Data Scientist, Altocloud.

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    Maciej has 10+ years of experience building scalable data analytics and AI systems for industry leaders such as Cisco, currently as Chief Data Scientist at Altocloud. He is the founder of the Galway Data Meetup with over 250 members and was shortlisted as one of the four finalists of the DatSci 2016 competition.

    Presentation title: 

    Real-time Analytics using Apache Spark

    Presentation Synopsis: 

    This talk will give an overview of the data platform at Altocloud and walk through the major real-time analytics and Machine Learning use cases. Maciej will show how a small team is using Apache Spark, Cassandra, Kafka and Mesos scaled out various analytical and AIReal-time Analytics using Apache Spark workloads to millions of events.


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