Keith O’Leary, Principal Consultant, SunGard Availability Services (Ireland) Limited

    • Keith O’Leary, Principal Consultant, SunGard Availability Services (Ireland) Limited's presentations
    • Keith O’Leary, Principal Consultant, SunGard Availability Services (Ireland) Limited
    • Has worked with global organisations in managed IT, cloud and recovery services provider (Sungard Availability Services), consulting (TCS, ThruPoint, Accenture, PwC, PA Consulting), independent software vendors (Compuware and Progress Software), hardware vendors (UB Networks), end-user (Goldman Sachs) and fixed & mobile service provider (O2, eircom) sectors
    • Keith has a B. Eng. (in Electronic Engineering & Telecommunications) and a M. Eng. (By Research, Visible Laser Diodes) from the University of Limerick
    • An experienced Principal consultant who has managed multiple Business Consulting, Service Development and Data Centre Transformation projects across a variety of industry verticals over the last 25 years. Keith has helped clients to drive IT and business transformation, via suitable IT and Network delivery models, while ensuring business value, service availability, compliance and technology alignment
    • Recently quoted on a range of articles covering GDPR, Business Continuity, Disaster Recovery, Hybrid IT, Digital Transformation and Datacentre Optimisation.

    Presentation Title

    • Delivering GDPR Compliance


    • Approach to ensure policies and procedures are fit for purpose and reflect GDPR requirements
    • Reviewing of record management strategies to check why, where and how data/information is being collected and managed
    • How to confirm systems and processes are in place to ensure the rights of data subjects are being fulfilled


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