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    Having worked for over 22 years in the IT Industry, he spent the last 7 years working as an IT Executive. During that time he was responsible for datacenter management team, consultancy and pre-sales teams as well. He loves working as a IT Executive and using leadership and coaching skills and business development knowledge. For the last 5 years while he was in datacenter company, he had the opportunity to develop these skills. After he moved to Dublin, he studied Life, Executive and Career Coaching and he started his own company delivering keynotes, seminars and consultancy services on Business Strategy, Innovation and Leadership.

    Presentation Title: A journey from Industry & Leadership 4.0 to Industry & Leadership 5.0

    No matter how quickly or slowly some companies implement the Industry 4.0 model and some leaders prepare themselves for Leadership 4.0, the principals will no doubt shape the manufacturing world of the future for Industry 5.0 and they need to be acclimatized to Leadership 5.0 standards. In a few years’ time, human workers and factory robots could end up collaborating on designs and sharing workloads across a variety of manufacturing processes.

    In this presentation, we are going to remember what Industry and Leadership 4.0 is and see some indicators regarding Industry and Leadership 5.0.


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