Brian Crooke – Founder and CEO, Office Worker Health

    • Brian Crooke – Founder and CEO, Office Worker Health's presentations

    My goal is to empower people to make their workplaces healthier places to be.

    My passion for health and wellbeing began during my 10 years working as a management consultant for a large corporation. Seeing the bad habits, lack of activity and ill health developed by my colleagues over a period of time drove me to set up Office Worker Health.

    Office Worker Health promotes healthy living through exercise, nutrition, mental health and workplace wellness. I’m a qualified Personal Trainer and also have Diplomas in exercise and fitness and in sports nutrition.

    We host pop up wellness events, deliver training, talks and classes, develop wellness programmes and we create engaging content for Irish businesses that genuinely care about the health of their staff.

     “Those that do not find time for healthy living will sooner or later have to find time for illness


    Title: Create a team of wellness champions in your business


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