Anja Basaric – Digital Marketing Specialist at Evros Technology Group

    • Anja Basaric – Digital Marketing Specialist at Evros Technology Group's presentations

    Anja has worked with a number of successful brands in Ireland helping them develop and implement digital marketing strategies across a variety of channels. She has spent some time within Irish marketing agencies before moving in-house to one of the country’s leading technology company, Evros Technology Group. Anja currently manages digital marketing for seven brands: Evros, Digital Planet, itContracting, Comsys, Inspired, and

    Presentation Title: The Importance of Building Audiences and Buyer Personas for Marketing Personalisation

    Today, consumers demand more from their brands and expect increasing customisation of their needs and wants. It is not enough for marketeers to be just marketeers anymore. To expand our reach, we need to examine a more psychological approach when building our personalised customer journeys.


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